My Canvas App Portfolio

Here to showcase some of my work done in Power Apps Canvas Apps.

E-commerce App

A simple app that displays products, has a product list view, add to likes/favorites function, add-to-cart function, checkout, and book an appointment function.

Project Management App

An app that lets you manage multiple projects and track its status. Still in the middle of developing it. I would like to add a gantt chart component soon. My plan is to add a way to manage resources, timeline, and budget. I will let you know once I am done with my app 🙂

Route Planning App

Simple scheduling app that lets you view your schedule within the day and plan your routes accordingly. Simply added a couple of screens for some related records management, but it could be anything.

E-learning App

This one is still in concept stage but what I’m planning to do is a simple e-learning app that lets you manage your courses, take them within the app, and track your progress. I would also like to add the ability for teachers/coaches to manage their students, payments, and track and manage their offerings on the app. For now, here is my mockup 🙂

Link to wireframes

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