Small reminders I try to live by + free digital posters ❤

I had some free time this weekend so I created these desktop wallpapers of some reminders that I live by…or at least try to! Thought I’d share them to people who might be inspired or interested as well.

I set them up as slideshow wallpapers on my machine with intervals of 6 hours. Bec enforcement!!! 😤😁 But if you find something that resonates with your soul 😋… feel free to print them, put them in a frame, and hang it on your wall.

Also, go ahead and feel free to critique or open up a conversation about one of these topics. We might discover something together!

Have fun reading or using them! Have another quote in mind? Message me and I’ll create a digital poster of if for you! 😊 It might lead on to something, perhaps a GRAND collection of cool reminders! 🤣 #quarantineproject

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